• Brief Description

A high-security space Guristas complex with DED rating 4/10. 2 pockets. More info (also more detailed) needed.

  • Difficulty


  • Allowed ships

DED 4/10 - max. battlecruiser class vessel

  • Rewards

•8th Tier Overseer Personal Effects

•Pithum C-Type Module(s)

•bounty ~1M ISK

  • Detailed description

Detailed group composition is unknown, only a simple list of NPCs gleaned from the screenshots is given.

  • 1st Pocket:

Group X: 22x [F]Guristas, 7x [C]Guristas, 1x [C?]Guristas Guristas Scout Officer

  • 2nd Pocket:

Group X: 1x Guristas Sentry Gun, 13x [F]Guristas, 6x [C]Guristas, 1x [C]Guristas Guristas Reconnaissance Officer

The Radiating Telescope should yield the Pithum C-Type module.

  • Escalation

No information, probably no escalation present (as it's a DED complex).

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