Oh, about the high heels? All I can say to you is that your heels would never be a problem with me. In fact, I’d welcome them as part of your wardrobe and tell you to rock em’ any time you want when we go out. As long as there’s no pain involved when you walk, it’s fine by me. FYI, some women ruin their sexy feet and gorgeous toes by jamming them into the tiniest, pointiest heels just to look taller than everyone. That’s not attractive. One more thing. Don’t ever slouch. It’s perfectly OK for you to tell me that I can always bulk up and add muscle but it’s not always the right advice for some short guys. Working out is a very good thing but some men have a really hard time bulking up because of their metabolism. I think telling us short guys to keep our bodies fit and healthy without doing too much weights is better. I’ve been told by women that short guys bulking up is actually the wrong thing to do. Little guys with big muscles look disproportionate and are unnattractive.

Martin Hearne February 5, 2012 at 3:29 pm To Matt Savage.

Being short myself, one should not lose hope. As I believe in reincarnation, I think things happen for a reason. Here are a couple of e- mails I sent to my Psychic and clairvoyant: -

I am still feeling positive. The only reason I have felt a bit down in the past is I compare myself to other people, due to my lack of height. I have always found it difficult to attract the opposite sex, and form relationships with other people because of it. I am hoping in my next life, I am of average height or taller. I will then be able to enjoy a whole new range of experiences, which I will never have in this lifetime.

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