We get to The Drunken Russian’s place, drop off our swag, and head outside to talk while he smokes a cig. The girls are still coming. I go in to take a piss. Turn the door handle. Uh-oh. We’re fucking locked out. How the hell did this happen, and more importantly, how stupid will we look when these girls arrive? The Drunken Russian…

The Drunken Russian: “I bet it was fucking Martini!”

I go around checking the windows. All of them are fucking locked. The small 2x1 kitchen window. It opens. Guess I’m going to have to climb my skinny ass through. I get half of my body in, and who do I see? Fucking Martini walking around in the kitchen by the garage door in his fucking boxers. He lets us in and faces The Drunken Russian’s wrath…

The Drunken Russian: “I told you already, don’t lock the fucking garage door!”

We then head into the basement. The girls finally arrive. The Drunken Russian goes upstairs, while I decide to stay in the basement on his PC. I know what I am doing…

Broadway: “Where’s Assanova!?”

The Drunken Russian: “Assanova! Get your ass up here!”

I decide to take my time, and slowly make my way upstairs.

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